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  • Mineral Resource Management & Orebody Information
    Geological, geophysics, geochemistry investigations
    In-mine geophysics
  • 3D visualization and geological modeling
  • Airborne EM and gravity exploration modeling
  • Airborne/space borne mineral mapping

Mine Design

  • R&D for deep mines, high-wall and long-wall mine design
  • Mine ventilation and cooling
  • Rock breaking technologies
  • Explosive testing and certification

Non-explosive rock breaking

  • Mine layout design for hard and soft rock
  • Innovative mining methods
The GMRA welcomes enquiries in regard to potential research
projects from around the world. For more information on how we can design a research program for your needs, please contact one of our partner organizations.

Transport / Engineering

  • Backfill engineering and reticulation
  • Mine and equipment automation
  • Rope testing
  • Electrical safety design
  • Flameproof testing and certification
  • Man and material transport
  • Metallurgical Processing
  • Alloy development and testing
  • Mineral processing Coal beneficiation
  • Environmental Research

Environmental engineering

  • Mine closure
  • Metals in the environment
  • Rock Engineering and Safety

Ground control

  • Mine seismology and micro-seismic research
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Training

Mine ventilation, heating and cooling

  • Fire prevention and suppression
  • Emergency response and rescue
  • Ergonomics and machine safety
  • Dust monitoring and control
  • Hearing loss prevention and noise control
  • Epidemiology and HIV/AIDS
  • Toxicology and industrial hygiene
  • Diesel engine emissions monitoring and control
  • Safety and procedural training

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